Ground anchor systems of MANTA RAY

Грунтовые анкерные системы Manta ray


Anchor systems (Manta Ray) – self-opening ground “anchor”, do not require conducting of additional works with concrete and earth

  • Anchors consist of the plates of a special shape, which is submerged in the ground, capable of resisting tensile loads of anchoring rods and connecting elements. After immersing the anchors at a given depth, the clogging tool, called the “pusher” – is removed.
  • Then the anchor is opening in the ground – it is cocked from the folded position in such a way that its plate, turning over, becomes a bearing surface (anchor), which acts as a “slab in the ground”.
  • In this case, it is tested using an anchorage-loading mechanism. This process is called “fixing under load” and is a visual test of the bearing capacity of each anchor.
  • Anchors are designed for immersion in the ground at any angle from vertical to horizontal. Sharp edge guides and an asterisk in the top helps the front parts of the anchor with a small cross section to break through dense soil layer
Грунтовые анкерные системы Manta ray

1. We are immersing the anchor to a given depth

Грунтовые анкерные системы Manta ray

2. Take out the pusher

Грунтовые анкерные системы Manta ray

3. Tighten the rod before locking the anchor

Грунтовые анкерные системы Manta ray

4. Checking the bearing capacity


Application of the anchored systems of the group of companies VAR ENGINEERING LTD in comparison with common traditional methods (concrete or wood “anchor”) has a number of significant advantages which make our approach revolutionary.

  • convenient and quick installation
  • check the bearing capacity of the anchor immediately after installation
  • possibility of installation under asphalt and concrete
  • high accuracy of installation, even in hard-to-reach places
  • selection of the optimal solution for different types of soil
  • competitive price in comparison with other solutions to similar problems
  • the method does not require the destruction of the surface of slopes and digging of trenches
  • the technology does not require the production of concrete work and the installation of foundations, since the anchors work in any type of soil
Грунтовые анкерные системы Manta ray
Грунтовые анкерные системы Manta ray
Грунтовые анкерные системы Manta ray

Areas of use

Group of companies I.A.S proposes an innovative method of mountings structures and communications on the basis of anchor systems of own production in complex engineering-geological conditions

  • anti-landslide, anti-mudflow and anti-avalanche protection of highways and infrastructure facilities in conditions of complex terrain
  • strengthening and greening of slopes of highways
  • fixing of dug in electrical networks, towers, supports and any other high-rise structures
  • creation of an engineering protection system against erosion and landslide processes in conditions of complex geomorphology
  • fixing of retaining walls, slopes of excavations and trenches
  • protection of pipelines and utilities from displacement and longitudinal deformations when laying on a rough and mountainous terrain
  • surface stabilization of slopes
  • construction of a system for protecting surface and aboveground structures and construction from falling trees, rock-falls
  • fixing wells and tanks from ascent in watered soils
  • fastening of small architectural forms, protection from thefts
Грунтовые анкерные системы Manta ray
Грунтовые анкерные системы Manta ray
Грунтовые анкерные системы Manta ray
Грунтовые анкерные системы Manta ray