Implementation of Alternative Solutions is the official and exclusive representative of the American holding company MacLean Power Systems dba Foresight Products in the Russian Federation, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

MacLean Power Systems is leader in solving problems associated with fastening objects and structures in complex engineering geological conditions in the world.
Our company offers complete solutions based on the highest level of anchor systems of DUCKBILL, MANTA RAY and STINGRAY, and also develops innovative solutions for the application of ground anchors,  reinforced enbankment of compression systems MACRES and glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) pipes HOBAS.
The technologies offered by us are certified and actively used in the construction of facilities and infrastructure of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, Bulgaria, Marina Dinevi, as well as in other countries.
Our association is engaged in researching the world experience in the field of innovative engineering, searching for the most progressive solutions and technologies with the aim of their subsequent adaptation and implementation in complex engineering and geological conditions of the mountain and sea landscape. In the vector of optimization and improvement of the quality of our services, we are working on the formation of an international patent portfolio and the launch of our own assembly and production lines, where quality control is carried out at all stages of production: from obtaining raw materials to testing final products.
Continuous research and development work aimed at improving the quality of products such as strength, durability, wear resistance; allow us to be confident in the reliability and efficiency of our solutions.

  • The main applied areas of activity of the VAR Group are design and construction in difficult geotechnical conditions of mountain and sea areas, where traditional methods are ineffective or can’t be used   in principle. We are especially inspired by unique, most technically complex facilities, where our group of companies is able to offer the customer a comprehensive approach in solving engineering and construction tasks.
  • In the context of the global economic downturn and the policy of applying more efficient construction technologies, the use of our solutions is aimed at reducing total costs, maintaining a high level of profitability and increasing output at the current level of financing.
  • Detailed study of the initial data, the competent definition of the design load, the use of special materials with a proven margin of safety and the choice of an individual construction scheme for each specific case allow us to find system solutions without over expenditure of the Customer’s technological, labor and financial resources.
  • The application of the methods proposed by us reduces the need for laying technological roads and creating an extensive construction infrastructure around the facility, which in turn significantly shortens construction time and minimizes damage to the ecosystem.

We offer integrated solutions with using innovative technologies.

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